Trump and Trudeau to meet next week, discussing economy, relations, and more

The anticipated date has been arranged – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be meeting with US President Donald Trump next week Monday, February 13, face to face, in the United States to discuss a wide range of issues.

A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office said that the meeting would be to discuss how the United States and Canada could work together to support the middle class in both nations.

Throughout this week several Canadian cabinet ministers have been visiting the United States in preparation of the Prime Minister’s arrival next week.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau met in Washington DC today with members of Congress and the administration to emphasize Canada’s desire to strengthen NAFTA and other trade deals with the United States.

Earlier, Morneau delivered a speech at Georgetown University where he highlighted the nine million US jobs tied to trade with Canada, and in particular how they are higher paying than non-trade jobs.

Much of this effort comes with the aim of lessening or dodging the potential negative impact US President Donald Trump’s economic policies may have on Canada.

Meanwhile, the White House released a statement simply saying that the two leaders will be looking to strengthen the relationship between Canada and the United States.

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