When will the fashion industry stop endorsing Terry Richardson?

The Guardian reported on Mar.14 that Richardson has finally made a comment about the sexual assault allegations and has denied the misconduct that has been happening in the last four years.

Terry Richardson is the fashion industry’s open and dirty secret.

Some may be unfamiliar with his name but many will recognize his photographic style in several celebrity photographs — minimalistic white walls, slight overexposure, and overtly pornographic.

Richardson has photographed the likes of Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Jared Leto, Obama, Justin Bieber, and several unknown models who have accused him of sexual assault on set.

The onslaught of allegations continues to surface about Hollywood’s famed photographer Uncle Terry (as he calls himself), but celebrities are beginning to step forward on Twitter:



Along with the celebrities who are speaking out about his behaviour, clothing brand H&M said that it will no longer use Richardson in photo shoots.

The Globe and Mail reported in 2011 that several models stepped forward the previous year and said he sexually harasses  and coerces them.

So the question remains, when will agents, editors, designers, models, brands, and Hollywood stop endorsing this man?

To read more on the assaults one simply has to Google ‘Terry Richardson.’

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