Canada’s role in Afghanistan: from freedom fighter to developer


Since 2001, Canada’s role in Afghanistan has changed.

Canada originally entered the war to help the United States fight the Taliban and find Osama Bin Laden, according to CBC News.

But in 2009 the Harper government changed Canada’s mission. Instead of combating militants and insurgents, the Canadian Armed Forces would help stabilize and develop Kandahar for the future.

The timeline below highlights Canadian involvement.

Now Canada’s mission in Afghanistan is over and the soldiers are returning home as heroes.

“The end of the military mission and the lowering of the flag is a significant milestone in the fight against global terror,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper said in a statement.
“Over 40,000 Canadian Armed Forces members have fought to defeat the threat of terrorism and to ensure the freedom of others, to build a stronger, safer world.”

But the impact Canada had in Afghanistan has been greeted with much controversy from Canadian journalists, soldiers, government officials and the public.

TheToronto Star speculates the Taliban will make a quick comeback once the West has cleared out. Meanwhile a National Post reporter says the whole operation was indeed worth the effort.

The infographic below demonstrates some of the cost and rewards of Canada’s mission in Afghanistan.

Rebuilding Afghanistan-1

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