Freeze the Keys – and the phone

January 30, 2014 News Desk 0

What better way to discourage people from drinking and driving than giving them a chance to win a huge flatscreen TV and accompanying surround sound? Jan. 30th marks the official beginning of The Beer Store’s […]

Pope Francis cleans house at Vatican bank

January 28, 2014 News Desk 0

Pope Francis has fired four of Pope Benedict VI’s Vatican bank advisors and named a Toronto Cardinal to help oversee the bank’s operations. Cardinal Thomas Collins received an early birthday present yesterday when he was […]

Ghost ship sighting off Irish coast

January 23, 2014 News Desk 0

A ghost ship that has been cruising the North Atlantic since being cut loose by Transport Canada off Newfoundland earlier in the year may be headed towards Ireland with some unruly passengers. Last week, sightings […]

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