Stress and fear cause air force officers to cheat

Ninety-two air force officers who cheated on their proficiency tests have been decertified and removed from nuclear-related duties, the US air force announced today.

CNN is reporting officials first alleged that 34 officers had  cheated on the test or failed to speak up about others who had cheated.  

Now, Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James says that 92 officers from Montana’s Malmstrom Airbase are suspected to have taken part.

While calling the cheating unacceptable, James pointed to systemic issues such as stress, fear and a drive for perfection that might lead to cheating on tests.

The scandal is being investigated as part of a review ordered by Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel.

Other incidents at air force nuclear operations:

*a missile unit at Malmstrom failed a safety and security inspection just last year

*17 military employees were fired last year after a location in Minot, North Dakota performed poorly on an inspection

*the air force discovered the current test-taking scandal during another investigation into illegal drug possession among airmen

*a two-star general in charge of nuclear missiles was fired after an investigation into alleged personal misbehaviour in October


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