Sports centre keeps people fit year round

Canada is a cold place to live as compared to the other countries of the world. Canadians prefer to stay at home during the winter season.

The winter season in Canada typically lasts about four to six months, so Canadians’ physical activities get limited for several months.

Sports are the best way to maintain physical fitness but in a frozen country like Canada, it is nearly impossible to play games outdoor during winter. Therefore,  obesity and other heart related diseases among Canadians has risen.

There was a need to build a place where people can maintain their health during a winter season. Thus, the Canadian government came up with the idea to build sports facilities across the country.

Milton’s state of the art facility

Milton Sports Centre is one of the busiest places in the Milton. This is a state of the art facility where entertainment comes with full safety measures.

This facility is huge, economical and it is open all year long. This place is like a heaven for kids. They come here to sweat and play as much as they can in their allotted time. This facility is also used for Friday prayers and other get-togethers for the community.

There are four big skating rinks available for all ages. They also offer a deal to buy a 10 and 30-visit pass to make customers’ visits more economical.

Other than the skating rink, there are walking/jogging tracks, basketball courts, tennis courts, ice pads, swimming pools, lap pools,a  double gymnasium and children’s activity room. It is nearly impossible to find a parking spot on the weekends as Miltonians storm this facility to enjoy and make their weekends healthy.

Consequently, it is the parents’ job to involve their kids in extracurricular activities. They should enroll their kids in different sports programs and lay the foundation of a healthier Canada.

People I interviewed about the facility

Ms. Zorina Khan is of Indian descent and a mother of a 10-year-old son. She lives close to the sports centre. She feels good that her son Zain can play basketball and other games under one roof.

Mr. Theodore was walking towards the facility with his 7-year-old daughter when I asked his views about the facility. He said he feels happy that his daughter is doing well in figure skating. He is satisfied with the coaching staff and other facilities at sports centre. He likes the fact that his daughter can practice all year long.

Ms. Lilla from a customer service said that they are getting a very positive response from the neighborhood. She said that they feel excited as they are getting busier with the passage of time. She also emphasized that parents should take their kids out in the winter season.


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