Canadian forces strike Syria

Canadian military forces conducted their first airstrikes in Syria against Islamic State militants on the evening of Apr. 8.

According to the Department of National Defence, two Canadian CF-18 fighter jets were used to strike an ISIS garrison near Ar Raqqah, Syria. A total of 10 coalition planes took part in the airstrikes, including six from the USA.

The national identity of the remaining two aircraft has not yet been revealed.

This was the first series of airstrikes since parliament voted to extend and expand the mission against ISIS.

MPs voted 142-129 on Mar. 30 to extend the US-led mission against ISIS until Mar. 2016 and expand it to include airstrikes in Syria. The extension does not include any additional troops or military aircraft.

Most Liberal and NDP MPs did not support the Conservative motion to extend the mission. The 0pposition claims that by extending the mission into Syria, Canadian forces will be essentially supporting Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad.

The Conservative government denies the claim, stating that Canada has a responsibility to prevent ISIS from fortifying strongholds in Syria.

Image credit: Google Images

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