Colorado plans a referendum on fracking

March 6, 2014 News Desk 0

Activists in Colorado are planning for a referendum this fall that would decide whether hydraulic tracking should be banned in Colorado cities. Fracking is a fairly new issue in Colorado. Other places in North America […]

Homegrown porn not Canadian enough

March 6, 2014 News Desk 0

Canadian porn producers may have a reason to celebrate after the CRTC told a group of Canadian porn channels they are failing to meet Canadian content requirements. The CRTC says channels owned by Toronto-based Channel […]

The history repeats itself in Crimea

March 6, 2014 News Desk 0

ANALYSIS The scenario in Crimea has already happened in world history. March 1938. Austria. The events of those days will go down in history as the Anschluss of Austria– German for union or political annexation. […]

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