Firing of Edmonton police officer upheld in court

The Alberta Court of Appeal has rejected a request from a former Edmonton Police officer to reinstate his job.

Rob Furlong, a former army sniper, was fired from the service for misconduct. The misconduct charges included urinating on another officer during a training event after a night of heavy drinking.

Last summer the Law Enforcement Review Board decided it was reasonable for the department to fire Furlong, though Furlong took the decision before the Appeal Court. Furlong argued that the decision was made according to an unfairly high standard of review.

The court ruled on Mar.27 that the board made no reviewable errors in its original decision, the Canadian Press reports.

“Upon a review of the decision of the presiding officer, it is clear that he considered and weighed all of the relevant factors,” the Appeal Court wrote in its judgment released Mar.27. “He came to a decision that fell within the range of acceptable outcomes and was defensible in respect of the facts and the law.”

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