Man can’t communicate awesomeness of Kraft Dinner to Mexican In-laws

After multiple attempts Mar. 18, a local man hung his head in despair and accepted his inability to communicate the awesomeness of Kraft Dinner Macaroni and Cheese to his Mexican in-laws, who have been living in Canada for over a decade now and still fail to understand its awesomeness.

“I just don’t understand how they don’t find it awesome,” said Alex Smith. “I even added ketchup and little chunks up cut-up hot dog, and they still didn’t find it delicious,” he added.

Blanca, the man’s mother-in-law, says she is doing her best to adapt to Canadian customs and culture, but adds that she’s found it hard over the last decade to make the transition to plastic food, and still prefers real food to what Canadians eat.

Smith says he has accepted that his in-laws may never find Kraft Dinner delicious, and says he is moving on to trying to convince them that classic Simpsons episodes are awesome, and that despite the images from the Star Wars prequels they’ve seen, the original trilogy is still “totally kickass.”

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