Virtual civil war hammers home Syria’s reality

February marks the third year of Syria’s civil war. It’s a conflict that has embattled the country and divided the region, and yet the rest of the world seems to have fallen out of touch with the crisis.

Aid agencies and human rights groups say donors are quickly loosing interest in Syria. In 2013, only 70 per cent of the required aid was raised and Syrian refugee camp conditions continue to deteriorate, reports the Guardian.

The Syrian Organization for Human Rights says more than 140,000 people — including 7,000 children — have died so far in Syria’s civil war.

That’s why the UK-based charity organization Save the Children created a one-and-a-half-minute video capturing an English girl living through a fictional civil war in London.

The video ends with the slogan, “Just because it isn’t happening here doesn’t mean it’s not happening.”

With nearly 6 million views on Youtube, the video is emotionally linking those in North America and Europe to Syria by framing the civil war in a western context, reports Time.

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