Second Denmark zoo plans to euthanize giraffe

Zoos in Denmark are being heavily criticized for its treatment of two healthy giraffes.

Just over a week after Copenhagen Zoo euthanized a healthy giraffe named Marius, a second Danish zoo, Jyllands Park Zoo, is poised to euthanize a male giraffe whose genetic make up is too similar to the giraffes he would mate with.

Zoo breeding program

CNN reports Jyllands zoo operates under the same breeding program as Copenhagen Zoo. If there are too many giraffes with the same genetic make-up, one must be removed.

Zoologists at Jyllands Park  have already begun sourcing other zoos to place Marius in. Zoologists admit if they can’t find a zoo to take the young giraffe, they may need to “euthanize” him.

Decision still out on Marius’ fate 

There is still hope for Marius. According to a zoologist, the program will provide plenty of notice, so there is a good chance Marius will find another home.

The potential death of Marius is sparking the already controversial debate over euthanizing healthy animals.




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