Energy East pipeline will dump 30 million tonnes of CO2 each year

Photo Courtesy: CBC News

Potential green house gas emissions from TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline project would be the equivalent of having seven million more cars on the roads, a study released Feb. 6 shows.

The Pembina Institute conducted the study and concluded potential upstream carbon emissions from the pipeline could add 30 to 32 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year.

CBC was told by Pembina’s federal policy director and co-author of the report Clare Demerse that this amount of CO2 is more than emissions produced by five provinces.

She also said the emissions from the Energy East pipeline could completely erase gains made by Canada’s most successful climate policy to date that phases out coal generated electricity.

The Energy East pipeline is a proposal that would take oil from Alberta to St. John and could transport 1.1 million barrels daily. CBC says TransCanada has not yet filed the project’s application to the National Energy Board but plans to do so mid-year.

A map showing the plans for the East Energy Pipeline. (Sourced by: The Canadian Progressive)
A map showing plans for the Energy East pipeline (Source: The Canadian Progressive)


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