Belgian government hopes Justin Bieber can help fight corruption

The Belgian Government is offering Justin Bieber citizenship, in the hope that the young pop star can help them fight corruption.

It is a bold move, but it is one the government is willing to take to try and wrestle the country back from the hands of corrupt leaders.

They believe a shared hatred of Bieber is the only thing strong enough to rally the Belgian people towards a common cause.

“We saw how fast they raised 200, 000 signatures to deport him in the U.S.,” said the Belgian Ambassador. “Imagine if people cared as much about real social issues as they do about Justin Bieber.”

“We have a generation of people here so apathetic about politics they don’t bother to vote or become active about anything. But to remove something as vile as Bieber from our country? That would motivate them,” the Ambassador said.

“So our plan is to let him live here for awhile, and then when the time comes to deport him, we’ll just tack on subjects of relevance to the bottom of the deportation ballot and boom – millions of signatures in no time.”

When asked if he is worried the Belgian public may be too intelligent to even care or notice Bieber, the Ambassador was quick to reply.

“Belgians aren’t as stupid as Americans, not by a long shot. We understand that he’s really just a manifestation of all the worst aspects of Western culture in human form. But he’s also a symbol for all that is fake and soulless, and no intelligent Belgian citizen will be able to sleep at night knowing he’s living in their country.”

The government of New Zealand has come forward saying that if Belgium’s gamble pays off, they may also consider offering Bieber citizenship and trying the same tactic there.

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