Justin Bieber fills private jet with marijuana smoke

Pop-star Justin Bieber has added to his ever-growing bad-boy status by filling a jet with marijuana smoke and allegedly being verbally-abusive to flight staff.

NBC News reports Feb. 6 the leased plane was so consumed by marijuana smoke that pilots and flight crew wore oxygen masks. The staff would have risked inhaling marijuana and failing drug tests, putting their jobs at risk.

Bieber, his father and 10 other passengers were flying to New Jersey to attend the Superbowl. Upon landing, Bieber and his entourage were met by law-enforcement officials at a Teterboro, New Jersey airport.

Bieber admitted to officials he smoked marijuana and drank alcohol but insisted there were no more drugs. No weed was found during a search of the plane. However, officials did find empty bags that appeared to have held the drugs in question.

The captain of the flight said he repeatedly warned his passengers to not smoke marijuana on the plane and to not harass the flight attendant.

Sources say the stewardess said the passengers, including Bieber and his father, were extremely verbally abusive. She spent the majority of the flight with the pilot and said she will not fly with Bieber’s party again.

Despite the singer’s questionable behavior, nobody pressed charges. Bieber and his entourage walked away from the situation with no penalties. Bieber was later granted re-entry into the United States.

Bieber’s prior encounters with the law: 

*in 2012, Bieber was investigated for allegations that he assaulted a photographer

*the now 19 year-old was also investigated for reckless driving in 2013

*in July of 2013, marijuana was found on the singer’s tour bus by American customs officials

*on Jan. 14 of this year, police searched Bieber’s Los Angeles home for evidence in an egging vandalism case which led to a friend being arrested on suspicion of cocaine possession

*the young star was arrested in Jan. 23 2014 for allegedly driving drunk in Miami

*also in late January, Bieber turned himself into Toronto police regarding charges against him for assaulting a limo driver

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