Video captures Ukrainian police beating protester

Ukrainian media have published a shocking video of Berkut security services abusing a naked protester.

The video showed Ukrainian riot police taking photos of a naked protestor, who was forced to stand in the snow only in pair of socks as temperatures plunged to -14C in Kiev.

There have been widespread protests against the Ukranian government’s plans to have closer economic ties with Russia rather than the European Union.

In the video, the man was given what appears to be an ice axe and forced to pose for the amusement of more than a dozen policemen.

The video shows one of the officers grabbing him by the neck and slapping him on head before he is led back to the bus.

Before being put on the vehicle, the man was kicked by an officer. The protester appeared to be bruised and had cuts all over his body.

The only reaction from the government officials was a statement that such behaviour is  ‘unacceptable’ and the case would be officially investigated.

Later the man was identified as Michael Hawrylak, who is recovering from  shock in the protestor’s camp.

On Jan.24 Hawrylak gave an interview explaining that before the events in the video, police beat him several times while forcing him to say, “I love police forces”.

Hawrylak refused followed their command and said they wanted to break his spirit.

Hawrylak remains in the protesters’ camp, saying he has no intention to leave Independence Square until the Ukrainian people win.

Since Jan.19 dozens of protestors have been reported missing, some of them were found later tortured or dead. The last news is that the AutoMaidan leader Bulatov was found alive after disappearing for eight days.

Missing and presumed dead, Dmytro Bulatov, the leader of AutoMaidan has been found alive
Missing and presumed dead, Dmytro Bulatov, the leader of AutoMaidan has been found alive.


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