Ukrainian truce comes to deadly end

February 20, 2014 News Desk 0

At least 75 people were killed in Kiev as the truce declared on Feb. 19 came to a violent end. Meanwhile, unconfirmed sources say the number of dead may reach up to 100. Eyewitnesses reported police […]

Ukrainian president takes a sick leave

January 30, 2014 News Desk 0

In the midst of the political crisis in Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych went on sick leave  Jan 30. Earlier that day, Yanukovych said he and his government were doing everything in their power to solve […]

EU cancels traditional dinner with Putin

January 16, 2014 News Desk 0

The European Union has dropped a dinner traditionally held during the EU-Russian summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Brussels later this month. This would cut the long-planned summit short and demonstrate to Russia that the relationship has […]