Ukrainian president faces opposition demands

Ukrain’s president is meeting opposition leaders for the second time this week after the death of five protesters in Kiev.

After pressure mounted, President Viktor Yanukovych said he will meet the opposition leaders to hear their demands some time today.

Meanwhile, Mr Klitschko, the leader of the political party UDAR was urging both the protesters and police to refrain from any further use of violence until he reported back after the talks with the president.

During the round table Yanukovych will face three main demands from the opposition:

– immediate presidential election

– the cancellation of anti-democratic laws ruled last week

– complete resignation of the government

The largely peaceful anti-government protest turned into violence on Jan. 19, when the demonstrators, angered by the passage of repressive laws, were stopped by line of police officers on their way to the government buildings.

For days confrontation between protesters and police did not die down. Both parties were using fire bombs and stones, however, police had the advantage of stun grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets on their side.

On Jan. 22 Ukraine was celebrating the Day of Unity  and Freedom, but it was darkened by deaths of two protesters, the first fatalities in more than two months of protests. Twenty-year-old Serhiy Nihoyan was shot in his head and neck.

Tension is high in Kiev, but police and demonstrators, separated by the wall of smoke from hundreds of tires, are waiting for the results of the talks between Yanukovych and opposition.

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