Four reasons why Jonathan Toews should be team Canada’s captain in Sochi

Controversy swirled after Tuesday’s announcement of  a few suspect roster choices for Canada’s 2014 Sochi Olympic hockey team. Now, the squabbling continues over who among the 25 capable hockey players deserves to wear the C, with Sidney Crosby and Jonathan Toews serving as frontrunners.

There’s no denying the hockey pedigree of Sid the Kid. His face is iconic and synonymous with Canadian hockey. He has captured the hearts and minds of Canadians time and time again, perhaps most notably by scoring the game winning (gold winning) goal against the United States in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

But consider for a moment the accomplishments and character of Jonathan Toews, who unlike Crosby isn’t a household name, but who might just be more deserving of representing Canada on the global stage. Here are the top four reasons why Jonathan Toews should be Team Canada’s captain in Sochi 2014.

2013 NHL Player Media Tour4. Distinctly Canadian

Who better to represent Canada than a hockey player who speaks both English and French. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Toews was taught French at a young age and continues to speak it fluently. It’s not easy to go toe to toe with Crosby in any category, but Toews takes an edge here by fully representing Canadian heritage.



toewskane3. Sense of Humour

Serious when he needs to be, extraordinary when it counts, and unafraid to poke fun at himself. If his performance and character on the ice isn’t charismatic enough, his antics off the ice with teammate Patrick Kane surely adds to his infectious personality.




stanleytoews2. Accomplishments

Toews’ resume is robust. He represented Canada on the international level six times, bringing home five gold medals and one silver. His accomplishments in the NHL are noteworthy too, captaining the Chicago Blackhawks to two Stanley Cups, appearing in three All-Star games and winning the Conn Smythe trophy for most valuable player and the Selke award for demonstrating defensive skill.



Captain Serious1. Leadership

Drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks in 2006, Toews quickly cemented his spot as captain two years later at just 20 years old. He’s earned the respect and recognition of not only his teammates but from the larger hockey community as well. His tenure as captain has been eventful earning himself a few nicknames along the way. He’s known most popularly around the league as “Captain Serious” for his earnest demeanor on the ice, and “Captain Clutch” often proving to be the difference in games when it counts. Crosby himself couldn’t disagree.


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