Love in the Age of Wifi

February 11, 2017 Stephen Robinson 0

WRITTEN BY STEPHEN ROBINSON | INTERACTIVE MEDIA BY HAILEY MCADAMS Fifteen years ago, well before Kim Kardashian “broke the internet”, I knew what it meant to date. I was young and naive back then, but […]

Are cats kept captive at home?

November 28, 2016 Nur Acar Tangun 0

  The bylaw that makes Oakville cats prisoners in their own homes is still in force, according to Oakville bylaw, number 2010-157.   The changes in the Oakville’s animal bylaws in 2011 which ruled to […]

Representation and Girlhood

April 2, 2015 News Desk 0

French director Celine Sciamma’s latest movie, Girlhood opened on Jan 30 to rave reviews and has made its way to select theatres in Toronto. The film is being heralded for showing a true and nuanced […]

Ontario Government Raises Minimum Wage

April 2, 2015 News Desk 0

Ontario has raised its minimum wage from $11 to $11.25 an hour effective Oct 1. This increase in wages will give Ontario workers the second highest rate in Canada, following the Northwest Territories. In the fall, […]

ISIS exploits Lybian chaos

March 12, 2015 News Desk 0

Libya marked the fourth anniversary of the uprising against Colonel Gaddafi’s 42-year-old brutal regime on Feb.17, 2015. However, this year Libyans are not celebrating the anniversary as they used to in the past. The mood […]

New terrorism bill is overkill

February 28, 2015 News Desk 0

The greatest struggle of the 21st century may not be between a deadly disease or radical religious sect wreaking havoc on the globe — it may be finding a balance between protection against terrorism and […]

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