SUV ends up at streetcar tunnel in Union Station – GPS to blame

Picture Courtesy: 680 News

Is your GPS leading you in the right direction? The driver of an SUV accidentally ended up in the transit tunnel at Queens Quay at Union Station Thursday morning while he was apparently following instructions on his GPS.

According to reports, the driver fled the scene abandoning the car which caused problems for  TTC commuters for more than 11 hours. A ticket of $425 was issued by TTC’s enforcement unit when the driver returned. He argued, he was simply following his GPS which lead him there.

Brad Ross, TTC spokesperson told 680 News, “I can tell you that at that entrance at the top of the ramp going down into the tunnel, there is adequate signage [and] flashing lights.” He also tweeted about this incident.

This will take some time to clear. Far more than it took the driver to get to this point, unfortunately. They fled, for the record.

A crane rescued the car which was stuck in the tunnel and streetcar service has resumed at Union Station.

This is not the first time such an incident has occurred. A similar incident happened last year in April where an errant driver ended up in the same tunnel at the same spot.

Sometimes you just have to trust your instincts more than technology.


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