Toronto Police face formal complaint over cell phone video

The video surfaced Tuesday sparking outrage, and the man behind the lens is filing a complaint.

Courtesy: Waseem Khan

Toronto Police are under fire after a video of two officers attempting to prevent a man from filming them on his cellphone camera made its rounds on social media.

Waseem Khan, the man who videoed the officers, has put in a formal complaint with the office of the Independent Police Review Director against the two Toronto Police officers who threatened to seize his phone for recording them in action.

On Tuesday, Khan captured video of the officers standing over a man and appearing to use a taser. The video then shows the officers turning their attention to Khan and telling him to stop filming or else they would take his phone.

Khan says he wants the Review Director to hold the officers accountable for their actions.

In addition to threatening to unlawfully confiscate Khan’s phone, one of the officers  made comments that Khan should stay away from the restrained man in case his spit gave him AIDS.

The Toronto Police are currently trying to put out the fire created by the officers. They issued a statement apologizing for the officers behaviour, and clarifying that AIDS cannot be spread through saliva.

It’s especially unfortunate timing for the organization as they are currently attempting to rebrand as a more transparent and modern police force.

The Transformational Task Force Action Plan was presented today at the Toronto Police Services Board Meeting. The Action Plan titled “The Way Forward” details the ways the service plans to modernize the force.






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