Japan unveils Izumo

Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force has unveiled Izumo, its largest military vessel since World War II.

The vessel stands at 241 meters in length and is 51 meters longer than the Hyuga, the previous largest vessel.

The military vessel has a crew of 470 and a standard displacement of 19,500 tones.

Due to the size and configuration of the vessel, some are questioning if it will be used for defensive purposes.

According to CNN, Beijing military experts say the lzumo has proven that Japan has the technical capabilities and demand to develop aircraft carriers, and that Japan may explore that possibility.

However, according to CNN, Defense Minister Gen Nakatani, the Maritime Self Defence Force does not intend to use the vessel in that manner.

The lzumo vessel was unveiled in a ceremony at the Yokusuka navel base near Yokohama.

Image Courtesy of Google Images.

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