Big dogs vs small condos

With condo living on the rise, many pet owners are having to decide between their dogs or community living.

Many condo declarations state a maximum number of dogs per unit and a maximum weight for each dog. A common weight limit is 25 pounds per dog, meaning that dogs such as golden retrievers and great Danes may never see the inside of a high rise building.

In certain cases only Seeing Eye dogs or other types of service dogs would be permitted.

“If it appears to the owners that heavier dogs are being labeled more trouble than lighter ones, it is not a discrimination matter covered under Human Rights,” said Marilyn Lincoln who is a condo owner, director and author of The Condominium Self Management Guide. “The Human Rights Code does not protect animals and courts have upheld condo rules on weight restrictions for dogs, at least in regard to high-rise condos.”

There were over 20,000 condo units built in 2014, showing a trend away from detached home living. With more and more of man’s best friends finding themselves in foster homes or shelters, the possibility of them finding forever homes is decreasing.

There are a few volunteer groups that are dedicated to finding these gentle giants a home. The video below shows a fundraiser held by Danes in Distress in hopes of raising awareness to support their cause: finding forever homes for great danes.

In regards to the future of condos and dogs, it looks like the smaller the condo, the smaller the dog.

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