Juno fan fare brings the crowd

Throughout the mall the high screeching voices of teenage girls could be heard, mall security was shouting and telling teenagers to stop running, people were getting kicked out of certain stores for loitering, and large groups of youths were being broken up.

On Mar. 14, 2015, the Juno’s took over Lime Ridge mall in Hamilton with their annual Juno Fan Fare event.

Ardene, Claire’s and Forever XXI also appeared to be at store capacity because of the number of teenage girls present.

This year, top Canadian musicians, Shawn Mendes, Lights, The Arkells, and Kiesza were all there to meet with fans, sign autographs and promote the award show airing live on Mar. 15.

The Juno Fan Fare events itinerary went as follows:

  1. introduction by MuchMusic VJ’s, Liz Trinnear and Tyrone Edwards
  2. an acoustic performance by the Arkells
  3. meet and greets / Signings with Arkells, Sam Roberts Band, Shawn Mendes, Nikki Yanofsky, JRDN and Melanie Durrant
  4. performance by Kira Isabella
  5. meet and Greets/Signings with Kiesza, LIGHTS, Glenn Morrison, Trevor Guthrie, Dallas Smith, Kira Isabella, MacKenzie Porter, Paul Brandt & The Road Hammers
  6. event closing

With cleverly organized waiting lines, numerous volunteers and a wristband policy in effect, the Juno Fan Fare was a great experience.

“I love when things are organized. I was able to shop while my kids met Shawn Mendes,” said Judy, a parent of two daughters aged 14 and 16 from Beamsville. “We arranged a meet up spot by Victoria Secret, as soon as we entered the mall.”

Meanwhile friends , Ashley, Victoria and Lexi from Hamilton, found the event could have been better. The three girls came to meet Sam Roberts and the Arkells, but found the screams coming from Shawn Mendes fans ruined their experience.

“I did not like how I could barely talk to Max [Kerman of the Arkells] because the screaming was so loud,” said Ashley, when asked to comment on her experience at the event.

Ashley, Victoria and Lexi were not the only ones who felt out of place at Lime Ridge mall. The chaos was also present in nearly every store.

Regardless of where anyone went on Mar. 14,  people could be overheard stating their displeasure about the Fan Fare event unfolding at Lime Ridge. But despite the negative reaction, the mall appeared to be busier than ever.

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