Country superstar can’t save Sheridan College events

Tim Hicks, a country singer-songwriter from St.Catherines, played to a full house at Sheridan’s Marquee Restaurant and Bar on Mar. 11.

The venue hit its 300-person capacity, with extra tickets sold and extra space made in the Coffee Loft overlooking the venue.

While the Sheridan Student Union (SSU) and its marketing department have touted the concert as a success, it is only one bright spot after months of dismally attended events.

Events and guests at the Marquee over the last few months have included:

    • Monday night Drink & Roll
    • Tuesday night karaoke
    • Thursday theme pub
    • Adam Garone, co-creator of Movember
    • Tony Lee, the R-rated hypnotist

The Monday night Drink & Roll event, a board game night style event held several times over the school year, has never had more than ten people in attendance. Participants reported that the only people really playing the games were the Marquee staff working at that time.

A “Movember” event, where students could talk with Adam Garone, the co-creator of the Movember movement, was essentially cancelled last November when no one arrived. Instead he spoke to the no more than eight students at the bar who were interested.

Tuesday’s are often home to a karaoke night at least twice a semester, but attendance has dwindled with every event. The Tony Lee X-rated hypnotist event, held twice a year, faces a similar issue.

While the crowds are receptive at both events, the number of people coming out to watch people embarrass themselves (at both events) has shrunk.

Tony Lee, notorious for his risque shows and on stage drinking, has made his living off the college and university circuit, constantly touring in Southern Ontario and Quebec at all major institutions.

While the event is certainly entertaining, his constant touring may be hurting his bottom line. Students can count on Tony Lee coming to their school like clockwork.

“They only advertise through one medium when they should be using multiple mediums that all work together.”

The SSU marketing team posts advertisements around Sheridan’s Trafalgar campus, and tweets reminders about events, but many feel they have not properly utilized their marketing skills.

“It’s totally embarrassing,” said an advertising student who also happens to work at the Marquee.  Due to the student’s fear of reprisal for criticizing the SSU, the JNM Journal is withholding the name.

“They’re skipping the fundamental basics of marketing and not promoting events to the students until the last minute.”

Promotion for Battle of the Brushes, a SSU event held Monday Mar. 16, only began one week in advance. A speed dating event on Feb. 12 was advertised that day only, with one post on Facebook and a few posters up at the Marquee and in the Coffee Loft directly above.

“They lack integrated marketing,” the student said.  “And they should be continually promoting throughout the year. They really need to get their poster information correct too. They have put the wrong dates on posters, and they had the time wrong for a Maple Leafs event once…I was working and no one came.”

The Thursday night pub nights, which the SSU promotes as a staple of the Sheridan student community, have averaged only 200 people.

Circus themes, pajamas themes, and naughty or nice Christmas themes have not brought students to the Marquee in the same capacity as previous years. The Marquee has yet to hit capacity on a Thursday pub night this semester.

The SSU marketing team could not be reached for comment.

Photo courtesy of Sheridan Student Union.






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