Washington D.C. legalizes marijuana, defies federal authority

Even after a strongly worded letter from Republican leaders in congress urged city leaders to reverse their decision, Washington D.C. has pushed forward a new law legalizing marijuana possession.

The bill, which was passed after voter approval in the district, allows for possession of up to two ounces and also permits the growth of up to three mature plants in a residence.

This puts the federal government at odds with the city council because all forms of marijuana possession are stilled viewed as illegal at the federal level. Even as more and more states legalize sale of marijuana, the federal government moves further and further away from passing a similar law in congress.

The District of Columbia is now an symbol of conflicting federal and state authority.

Republican leaders in congress created an uproar this week by threatening Mayor Muriel Bowser and other city councillors with jail time should the law be put into effect.

Despite the threats, Bowser and the city council stood strong and released a statement saying the law will be put into effect Feb. 26 at 12:01 a.m.

Although the law legalizes possession of marijuana, purchasing and selling the controversial plant would still be illegal.

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