Motive still not clear in Chappell Hill killings

The debate is ongoing across the media on whether or not the killing of three Muslim students in Chappell Hill was a parking dispute or a hate crime.

Deah Barakat, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha were shot and killed Feb. 10 by Craig Stephen Hicks who live in the same building compound as the victims.

There has been outrage on social media about these murders, and people believe religion was the motive behind the murders.

Hicks’ wife has since made a statement to the media saying her husband did not harbor and ill feelings about any particular religion and treated them all equally.

Craig Stephen Hicks



Mrs. Hicks was trying to downplay the notion that it was a hate crime, and instead said that it happened due to a dispute over a parking spot.

One other resident of the same building told the BBC said that Hicks had always had parking disputes with other residents. Once Hicks made him move his car and tried to intimidate him with a gun in his holster.

People close to the victims still believe the murders were hate motivated, and state number of instances in the past where Hicks had altercations with Barakat and his family while holding awife gun in his hand.

Police at this point have not made a statement supporting one theory or the other, but say that they are still investigating.



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