Saskatoon woman dies during rainforest adventure

Jennifer Logan was in Peru for nine days on a rainforest retreat when staff called her family in Saskatoon to tell them that she passed away.

The family was advised that Logan died from an allergic reaction to a cleansing tea which is designed to make people throw up or purge.

The other women who took the tea stopped vomiting after 15 minutes, but Logan continued and started to panic.  She was taken by motorcycle and boat to the nearest hospital but the doctors could not revive her.

While the tea is thought to have caused her death, the initial autopsy results found she died of pulmonary edema, an accumulation of fluid in the lungs that can cause respiratory failure.

The family is awaiting for further test results to confirm if the tea is to blame.

Jennifer Logan was a healthy 120-pound vegetarian who did yoga and meditation.

The Canadian Press reported Canto Luz Centre, stating this tea was a “tobacco purge” and described Logan’s reaction to it as “extreme and unusual”.

Gabriel Alvarez, who owned a Peruvian herbal store, said the high altitude may have contributed to her reaction, as the heart and lungs may already have been overworked.




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