Sixteen killed in Taliban attack

Sixteen people were killed and almost 40 wounded Jan. 29 in Eastern Afghanistan’s Laghman province when a suicide bomber charged into a funeral for victims of the Taliban, reports the Associated Press.

The funeral was honouring three civilians and a police officer, all killed early on Jan. 28 in a roadside bombing attack. Local officials claim the Taliban was responsible for these killings.

This attack comes during a week of deadly attacks in Afghanistan that have now left more than 30 people dead:

  •  on Jan. 28 in Central Ghazni province, 11 pro-government fighters and six Taliban insurgents were killed in an attack at a local checkpoint
  •  earlier in the week, in Wardak province, Taliban fighters dragged two villagers form their home and killed them

Taliban insurgents are increasingly targeting local police and Afghan forces now that foreign combat troops have withdrawn from the country.

Photo Courtesy Google Images

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