Searchers hope new signals are from Malaysia Flight 370

A search plane detected signals from what may be the locator pinger on Flight 370’s black box, reports CNN.

On Apr. 10, an Australian search agency detected sounds using sonar buoys deployed by aircraft. The new information may help narrow the search area authorities have been covering since early March.

CNN says this signal is the fifth detected by search teams. The audio snippets started Apr. 5 and were heard again Apr. 8. The four previous signals are all reported to be within a 17-mile radius.

Authorities studied the signals and concluded they likely came from electronic equipment and not marine life.

However, the signals are fading in strength. CNN says as the audio gets weaker, search crews are either moving away from the source or the batteries are fading.

The pinger is designed to last  30 days after the device gets wet.

Apr. 10 marks day 34 of the search for Malaysia Flight 370.

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