Willie Nelson gets his armadillo back

Long-time mascot for Willie Nelson, Ol’ Dillo, has been returned to the musician after going missing at a Las Vegas concert at the Westin Resort on Mar. 31.

Ol’ Dillo was reportedly kidnapped after the show while Nelson was greeting his audience members. Nelson and his crew did not realize the armadillo was missing until they were already on the road. Nelson called the resort around 12:30 a.m. requesting they scour the grounds in search of Ol’ Dillo, reports 680 News.

Officials at Westin reacted quickly and started reviewing surveillance cameras to solve the mystery of the missing mascot.

The resort’s marketing director, Matt Boland, told the New York Daily News that he was standing outside the resort on Apr. 1 when a very apologetic man showed up with Ol’ Dillo in a shoebox along with instructions to return him to Nelson.

Courtesy of Ol' Dillo's Facebook page.
Courtesy of Ol’ Dillo’s Facebook page.

The armadillo was immediately shipped to California, where Nelson was performing his next concert.

Nelson is happy to have his mascot back, and Ol’ Dillo is happy to be back in familiar hands.

Nelson recently posted photographs of his Las Vegas adventure to his own Facebook Page¬†with the caption, “Some pics of myself during my brief abduction. Can’t say I remember much of it!”

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