Missing Alaska man was found dead in his home after a year

An Alaska man who was missing for more than a year was found dead in his home on Mar. 31.

Samuel E. McAlpine was 37 years old and was last seen March 17, 2013. McAlpine told his mother he was going out on a date. McAlpine’s sister reported him missing 12 days after he was last seen.

Family members were not initially concerned because McAlpine would disappear for weeks at a time without his family knowing his whereabouts.

McApline’s ex-wife, Christine, found her ex-husband in a small storage space under the staircase at McAlpine’s home. Christine was going to clean the house before bringing over new tenants, when she detected a foul odour, reports CNN.

McAlpine was going through a divorce with his wife around the time he went missing. McAlpine and his ex-wife were unable to sell the home and rented it out to tenants.

McAlpine’s home was occupied by renters for nearly a year. Police are saying the renters had no idea the body was in the home.

Police are saying McAlpine died before the tenants moved into the house and do not suspect any foul play in McAlpine’s investigation.

Police believe that drugs and alcohol played a role in McAlpine’s death. An autopsy is still pending. 

Photo Source: alaskadispatch.com

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