Calgarians are Canada’s worst tippers

Vancouverites took second place, but Calgarians rank first as Canada’s worst tippers.

According to mobile payments company Square, Vancouverites tip 62 per cent of the time and leave behind an average tip of 13.4 per cent of the bill. Meanwhile, Calgarians tip just 59.4 per cent of the time, with an average tip of 13.3 per cent.

Square analyzed transactions made through its system and targeted five major Canadian cities: Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa.

Montrealers are the most generous when it comes to tipping, tipping 70.4 per cent of the time. And Torontonians are next in line as generous tippers, tipping 65.5 per cent of the time.

Square analyzed retails services with tip options that include taxis, spas, bars, restaurants, and hairdresser.

But how much should clients tip?

BC Restaurant and Food Association’s head says customers should tip approximately 15-20 per cent if they have received great service.

Photo courtesy of Russel A. Daniels/AP

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