Rob Ford comes out on top at mayoral debate

Despite recent controversy, Rob Ford maintained his public support following the 2014 mayoral debate on Mar.26.

The world was waiting to see if Rob Ford would make a fool of himself at the debate, but polls suggest that the majority of Torontonians still believe in the mayor’s ability to run their city.

The candidates, Karen Stintz, John Tory, Olivia Chow and David Soknacki danced around Ford’s scandals and focused more on his shortcomings as a leader.

Yet, Rob Ford managed to deflect the attacks with a consistent stance on his “track record,” which saved the city from the “gravy train” spending habits. Olivia Chow shot down that statement and said, “your gravy train has now turned into a train wreck.”

David Soknacki, one of the least popular candidates, was one of the most vocal when it came to opposing Rob Ford on issues such as the privatization of Toronto’s garbage removal.

Ford did not challenge the garbage debate.


He stood by his claims of saving Toronto $1 billion.

“People know my track record,” Ford said. “They know they can go to sleep at night knowing their tax dollars are being watched.”

Polls suggest that Rob Ford has parlayed another victory in the public eye. Although his scandals are prominent, his numbers remain stronger than his competitors.


Photos by Karen Cabrera

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