Dwarf Planet is discovered beyond Pluto

Astronomers have discovered a new planet that exists beyond Pluto with an orbit that reaches a new edge of the solar system.

The current name of this dwarf planet is 2012 VP113 or “Biden.” The dwarf planet is being classified as unusual by astronomers because of its orbit. The full orbit of 2012 VP113 is farther away than any object that humans know about in the solar system.

The 2012 VP113 is also far away from the sun. The distance between the sun and 2012 VP113  is equivalent to 83 times the distance between the Earth and the sun.

Scientists have not been able to distinguish the composition of 2012 VP113. Scientists conclude that the planet is icy because of its distance from the sun. The other conclusion made by scientists is that 2012 VP113 is too cold to have liquid water.

CNN reports that Astronomers state the 2012 VP113 is a red colour. The diameter of 2012 VP113 is 450 kilometres or 280 miles.

The 2012 VP113 is not a big enough planet to pull other planets into its orbit. A dwarf planet like 2012 VP113 is also not big enough to become gravitationally dominant.

CNN reports that 2012 VP133 may have been formed by a star that passed the sun billions of years ago.The star took material with it and travelled to a distant orbit.

Photo Source: starandtelescope.com

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