Mother uses herself as a human speed bump to save her children

A  22 year-old mother from Massachusetts has serious injuries after she jumped under her runaway car to save her twin toddlers on March 12. 

Mindy Tran jumped under her car with her twins in the backseat. The car began rolling backwards out of her garage towards a busy street.

When  Tran went to go close the car’s front door, the car began moving backwards. Then, Mindy ran underneath the car and acted as a human speed bump.

 CNN reports Mindy says her first instinct was to stop the car before it started rolling down her steep driveway.

Mindy suffered several injuries. Some of her injuries include a dislocated right leg and a crushed left knee.

Mindy has been in and out of hospital and rehabilitation centres since Mar. 6. She has another surgery scheduled for Mar. 20. CNN reports Mindy hopes after her long recovery process she’ll be able to walk again. 

This video displays an interview with Mindy Tran in the hospital. She explains what happened and the aftermath of her situation:

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