Missing Malaysia plane debris found south of Australia

Four Australian military planes flew over the southern Indian Ocean to investigate two large floating objects located by satellite imagery that may be wreckage from the missing Malaysian Airlines plane.

The objects were spotted about 2,500 kilometers southwest of Perth, Australia.

According to the images, the largest object appears to be around 24 metres, with the second object being smaller at about five metres.

The floating debris is the most promising lead investigators have encountered since Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared on Mar. 8, prompting one of the largest search efforts in air travel history and raising more speculation each day about what happened to the plane carrying 239 people on board.

Malaysian investigators suspect that someone disabled the plane’s communication systems¬†before the flight was diverted from its scheduled path to Beijing.

Background checks of the passengers and crew on the plan have not offered anything concrete that might explain the system hijack.

The search for more debris has ended for the day but searchers will continue to scour the same area of the Indian Ocean early on Mar. 21.

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