New Jersey student heads home after suing parents

The high school senior who sued her parents for financial support and college tuition has returned to her home in Lincoln Park, New Jersey to be reunited with her family.

Rachel Canning has been reunited with her parents and siblings at home, even though the lawsuit between her and her parents has not been officially dropped.

Canning alleges in her lawsuit that her parents forced her out of their home. CNN states she is demanding her parents to pay the remaining tuition for her last semester in the private high school she was attending, as well as her current living and transportation expenses.

Lastly, Canning was asking for her parents to pay her college tuition and to reimburse her friend’s parents for legal fees.

A judge denied Canning’s request for financial aid for high school fees and current living expenses. The other issues defined in the lawsuit will be discussed in another court date on April 22.

Rachel Canning’s story has become national news, but Rachel and her family are refusing to give a statement to the press.

The video displayed below shows footage from the courtroom where both Rachel and her parents are present. It  gives details about why Rachel initially left home and lists the issues she was dealing with in high school.

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