Hoffman’s autopsy inconclusive

The exact cause of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death is not clear as his autopsy results came back inconclusive Feb. 6.

Authorities are trying to determine if the drugs he took were mixed or tainted with another chemical substance. Further tests are expected but not confirmed.

Medical spokeswoman Julie Bolcer refused to discuss how this medical investigation will continue when she was asked by CBC. Experts suspect it will involve toxicology tests and tissue tests.

Hoffman died at 46 of a heroin overdose and was found in his Manhattan apartment with a needle still in his arm. Investigators have told Entertainment News they found over 50 envelope bags of heroin, several of which were empty, in his apartment upon arrival.

Hoffman has been open about substance abuse in the past. He used to use whatever he could get his hands on, he said in an interview with CBS in 2006. He sought help at 22, got clean but had admitted to relapses within the past year.

His family has said they are both shocked and devastated at the lost of Hoffman.

Investigation progress

Courtesy of TMZ.
Courtesy of TMZ.

Four arrests were made Feb. 4. New York City Police have confirmed that three men and a woman are in custody with suspected ties to the death of Hoffman.

The arrests were made after officers did a sweep of three apartments based on a confidential tip they received.

NYPD have said that undisclosed amounts of heroin and marijuana were found in the apartments and the individuals are currently facing charges of criminal use of drug paraphernalia and criminal possession of a controlled substance CBC reports.

This extreme interest in the drug investigation is unusual as state law says that a drug dealer cannot be held responsible for a customer’s death.

Not alone

Hoffman has now joined a long list of drug-related celebrity deaths

* Whitney Houstan

* Michael Jackson

* Heath Ledger

* Cory Monteith

* Jim Morrison

* Brittany Murphy

For a complete list click here.

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