Same sex couples in Russia could lose custody of their children

Same sex couples in Russia may lose their children under a new law that would remove children of LGBT (lesbian/gay/bi-sexual/transexual) parents.

The new bill imposes even tougher restrictions on gay and lesbians than the gay propaganda law  passed last June.

CNN spoke with a lesbian couple who say their lives have changed drastically since then. But the new law means they would lose custody of their daughter.

The Associated Press reported last month that the proposed bill could deny LGBT parents custody of their children. While the bill has been withdrawn, according to The Huffington Post, there are plans to resubmit it once changes are made. These changes would specify that custody be denied to individuals who leave a straight relationship to be gay.

The report also stated that should the bill pass, homosexuality would be equated with drug addiction and child abuse in determining custody rights.

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