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What happened to the wits of the world?

April 16, 2013 News Desk 0

Political satirist Bassem Youssef seemed to escape the hot seat again. For now…. On March 30th, an arrest warrant was issued for Youssef for allegedly insulting Islam, and President Morsi. The most recent episode of […]

RBC fiasco: shift blame or fess up?

April 14, 2013 News Desk 0

Call it iGate-gate. Before reports surfaced that RBC had laid off 45 Canadian IT employees and, through a sub-contractor, iGate, brought in foreign workers from India to replace them, the country’s most profitable bank probably […]

PICTURE the world as 100 people

April 4, 2013 News Desk 0

If the world were 100 people, how many would be adults, children, able to read and write, have a college degree or own a computer? The 100 People Foundation focuses on creating a greater understanding of […]

Social media fuel celebrity obsession

April 4, 2013 News Desk 0

When Justin Bieber fans frantically took to cutting themselves and posting pictures online to stop the star from smoking pot, celebrity obsession among young people reached new heights. Celebrity obsession in modern culture is a […]

Revisit Canada’s homosexual blood ban

April 4, 2013 News Desk 0

Arguments over the ethics of receiving compensation for blood donation seem trivial when a portion of the Canadian population is still unethically barred from donating. Homosexual men who have had relations with other men since […]

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YOU are armed with freedom

April 4, 2013 News Desk 0

Social media have picked up on Amnesty International’s online plea to support a first ever bulletproof Arms Trade Treaty being negotiated by world leaders to help keep weapons out of the hands of rapists, warlords […]

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