Yahoo Hack: the Aftermath

March 16, 2017 Nur Acar Tangun 0

Whether it was his postings on social media or his frequent trips to car wash businesses, Karim Batarov loved to show off his expensive taste in cars. To his peers, Baratov rarely described what he […]

Love in the Age of Wifi

February 11, 2017 Stephen Robinson 0

WRITTEN BY STEPHEN ROBINSON | INTERACTIVE MEDIA BY HAILEY MCADAMS Fifteen years ago, well before Kim Kardashian “broke the internet”, I knew what it meant to date. I was young and naive back then, but […]

Ontario Government Raises Minimum Wage

April 2, 2015 News Desk 0

Ontario has raised its minimum wage from $11 to $11.25 an hour effective¬†Oct 1. This increase in wages will give Ontario workers the second highest rate in Canada, following the Northwest Territories. In the fall, […]