Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama use star power for climate change

In the first official visit to the White House by a Canadian leader in 19 years, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Barack Obama announced new climate change initiatives today.

The meeting aligned the two political stars on an issue central to both the U.S. president’s legacy and Canada’s foreign policy.

The environmental commitments include reducing planet-warming emission of methane, establishing a pan-Arctic marine protection network and implementing low-impact Arctic shipping corridors.

“I’m especially pleased to say that the United States and Canada are fully united in combating climate change,” Obama said.

Trudeau has announced that climate change is at the core of his domestic and foreign policy.

The two countries emphasized that the U.S. and Canada will continue cooperate with Mexico on climate and energy, and enhancing North America a comprehensive and energy partnership.

Image Credit: AP Photo/Susan Walsh
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