Photograph of a potato sells for $1.5 million

Paris-based photographer Kevin Abosch has sold a photograph of a potato for a reported $1.5 million.

The photographer met with an anonymous businessman at his home where the two reportedly drank wine until the businessman inquired about purchasing the print. Two weeks later, the price was set and the photograph was sold.

Abosch is a well-known and sought after photographer who is most famous for his series entitled Faces of Ireland, a collection of 250 portraits of Irish people. He is also known for his work photographing celebrities and famous businessmen in Silicon Valley’s tech industry, with commissions priced between $150,000 and $500,000. His famous black backdrop portraits have become a staple among the rich and famous.

Abosch’s studio commented on the photographer’s love of potatoes, explaining how he believes them to be similar to people. To Abosch, all look different but remain recognizable as part of the same species. While Abosch is known for fine art photography, this is not his first photograph of a potato, according to his studio.

The sale of this photograph makes it one of the 20 most expensive photos of all-time.


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