Hamilton mayor extends hand to Flint

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan has gained the attention of Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger, who has recently offered the city’s help.

In April 2014, Flint’s municipal water supply was switched from Lake Huron to the Flint River, resulting in significant water pollution.

Studies show many children who have been drinking the water have increased levels of lead in their system.

Even worse, 10 people have died from Legionnaire’s disease, which may be a result of the water change.

Hamilton has offered to help Flint 

Hamilton, Flint’s sister city, has offered to help the Michigan town through its water crisis this week.

Mayor Eisenberger wrote a letter asking how Hamilton can support Flint, which is under a state of emergency over its toxic water.

Flint officials have responded that they are still waiting on a game plan. For now, Hamilton has to wait for word on how exactly it can help.

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FEMA says they have enough water to meet people’s needs

To date, over 90 thousand cases of water have been distributed throughout Flint.

The Michigan National Guard has been delivering water to either specific points of distribution or door-to-door to citizens.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency says they have enough water to meet people’s needs and the supply chain is pretty well set.


Michigan National Guard Staff Sgt. Stephen Robel helps carry a case of water to the vehicle of Flint resident Karand Houston.
Jake May/The Flint Journal-MLive.com via AP

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