Frank Ocean and James Blake to take Britain in a dubstep R&B storm

The forces of dubstep and R&B are set to collide in Britain.

James Blake and Frank Ocean, leaders of the New Wave dubstep and R&B movements, will tour Britain for three days starting April 9.

James Blake announced the news by revealing the poster below, which charts the path of his tour and lists all of his opening acts.

Frank Ocean is listed as BoysDontCry, after he posted on his website an image with that title.

Both artists have new releases on the horizon. James Blake’s new album Radio Silence will drop sometime in early 2015, and Frank Ocean’s label followed up the singer’s post with an official confirmation of his new album and a July release date.

This is the first time both acts have toured together, though they have played on the same bill at:

Their previous albums were both critical and commercial successes. James Blake’s 2013 album Overgrown won the Mercury prize and several songs, including the first single Retrograde, were featured in movies and television shows.

Channel Orange by Frank Ocean was considered the top album of 2012 by publications, from the older-skewing NPR’s All Songs Considered to the hipper and more youth-oriented Stereogum.

They are also both confirmed to appear on Chance the Rapper’s new album, dropping later this year.

Frank Ocean & James Blake's Tour Poster
Frank Ocean & James Blake’s Tour Poster
Frank Ocean's latest website post
Frank Ocean’s latest website post
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