Junos to showcase Canadian star power

With numerous performers already announced including, Lights, deadmau5, Alanis Morissette and the Sam Roberts Band, the Juno Awards of 2015 will connect with music fans of all ages.

On Mar. 15, the Juno Awards will be broadcast live from the First Ontario Centre in Hamilton, marking the sixth time Hamilton has hosted the award show.

According to Kristin Archer, an I Heart Hamilton blogger, 93.3 CFMU radio host and lifelong Hamiltonian, the event could not be happening at a better time.

“The city has shifted in the last few years and our music and arts scene is really getting noticed. We’ve always had amazing talent coming from Hamilton, but this is a particularly exciting time.”

Cultural hub

Hamilton-based bands like Monster Truck, The Arkells, Whitehorse, and Young Rival have recently received acclaim within Canada’s music industry while also gaining a fan following in other places around the world.

The City of Hamilton has also become a cultural hub for new and upcoming acts who are looking for a place to showcase their talents, and may not have the finances to relocate to Toronto.

Within the past few years, the Juno Awards have attempted to connect with a more mainstream audience, and they have been able to bring in mainstream Canadian acts to the forefront.

Today approximately 10 per cent of performers participating in the Juno Awards are local, while the rest are coming from different parts of Canada.

All about music

“The Junos [are] about celebrating Canadian music, no matter where the host city is. With so much music to choose from to nominate and to perform at the awards, it’s hard to include everybody,” says Archer.

“The Juno Awards themselves aren’t supposed to encompass Hamilton’s music scene. That’s not their criteria, to showcase their host city in the show, but to showcase all of Canada, to the best of their ability.”

“ I think just by being in Hamilton, they are bringing attention to our city and scene, especially with Juno Week (March 9-15) and all of the fun events surrounding the actual awards. Those events include local venues, musicians, and personalities.”

Unlike other mainstream music award shows, the Juno Awards still places music at the head of discussion, and continually attempt to highlight content that may not be recognized by a broad population.

According to Archer, people should pay close attention to the Junofest lineups and event (Mar. 13-14), and maybe consider attending the Juno Songwriters’ Circle and award show (Mar 15).

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