Google to show real-time Tweets in search results

Popular search engine Google and social media powerhouse Twitter have reached a new agreement in which tweets from Twitter users will appear in Google search results, reports Bloomberg News.

Beginning in the first half of this year, Tweets will be fed automatically into Google’s information servers, making them readily accessible for search results.

Before this deal, Google sent robots to crawl Twitter for relevant results. Individual tweets were rarely shown; more often it was user information.

A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

  • this new deal will allow Twitter to expand its content and advertising to those who don’t spend time on the site itself
  • Google hopes that being able to provide real-time tweets will give them an edge by ensuring search results are relevant and timely

Twitter has had a similar deal with competing search engines Yahoo and Bing for several years now. Unlocking Google’s huge user base is just another step in Twitter’s plan to make tweets more accessible to those outside their immediate audience.

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