Nova Scotia man charged with chemical possession, threatening police

According to the CBC, Nova Scotia RCMP has charged Christopher Phillips with possession of the chemical osmium tetroxide and uttering threats to cause harm or death to police.

Phillips was arrested yesterday after police found dangerous chemicals in a cottage property in Grand Desert, Nova Scotia.

Police allege that Phillips, 42, possessed the chemical for a purpose that would either endanger the public or risk a serious offence.

Osmium tetroxide is a lethal chemical most often used as a staining agent for biological samples. If the chemical is not handled with appropriate precautions, it can:

  • Damage the eye’s cornea
  • Damage the liver and kidneys
  • Lead to pulmonary edema and subsequent death

RCMP and a hazardous chemicals unit are currently investigating the cottage linked to Phillips.

Dangerous chemicals found within the cottage on Jan. 21 led police to evacuate five homes in the surrounding area.

Ottawa police arrested Phillips on Jan. 21 under suspicions that he was transporting the dangerous chemicals from Nova Scotia to Ottawa. However, a search of Phillips, his vehicle and his hotel room did not turn up any chemicals.

The RCMP has concluded that Grand Desert residents can now travel through the area safely under RCMP direction using Old Dyke Road.

Photo credit: Molly Segal, CBC

Video credit: The National, CBC


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